Terraco Silcoat WB Masonry Water Repellant (Concrete Sealer)

Terraco Silcoat is technologically advanced specially formulated Water Repellent for building facades which is based on innovative waterborne technology. The product is eco-friendly as the carrier solvent is water, whereas in previous generations of Water Repellants, mineral spirits were required as a carrier. Silcoat WB penetrates deep into the substrate and protects the building from the damaging effects of water. It extends the life and preserves the appearances of above ground exterior masonry. Silcoat WB is a water-based emulsion. Silcoat WB improves weather resistance, reduces dirt pick-up, freeze-thaw damage, and efflorescence. It allows masonry materials to breathe while leaving a tack free natural surface. This sealer does not change the colour of the surface and becomes water repellent in 24 hours. It can be applied to all types of materials such as concrete, cement, brick, mineral coatings, natural stone, and lime based renders. 2-3 coats can be applied by spray or brush for ultimate protection.

Technical Data Sheet


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