Terraco Flexicoat Thermo – Heat Reflective Roof Coating

Terraco Flexicoat Thermo is an excellent waterproofing material that has long life flexibility and ideal for extreme climatic conditions. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Flexicoat Thermo contains brilliant white pigments and heat reflective ceramic spheres which give the product excellent thermo reflective and insulating properties. It reduces energy costs ( for cooling ) significantly ( up to 40% ) by reflecting the sun’s UV Rays providing a seamless coating that is fast drying and easy to apply. Terraco Flexicoat Thermo Waterproofing coating is used on roofs constructed from a wide variety of material such as concrete, light weight concrete, roof tiles, wood, galvanized steel, asphalt and cement fiber-board. This Roofing Waterproofing material is also a traffic topping and can be walked upon uncovered after drying. Terraco Penetrating Primer must be applied as a primer coat before the Flexicoat Thermo is installed.

Technical Data Sheet




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