Terraco Crystalline Weathercoat 571

Weathercoat 571 Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating becomes an integral part of the structure.  Weathercoat 571 can be applied to  the Positive or Negative side of a structure. It is an Efflorescence-free surface waterproofing coating, suitable for concrete, masonry and plaster and can be applied against active or passive water pressure. It is a non-toxic waterproofing coating that is approved for drinking water structures, such as potable water tanks etc. This material is used for basement waterproofing to stop foundation leaks and to resolve moisture problems. It is perfect for underground garage waterproofing as well as new construction preventative waterproofing. It is a one of a kind waterproofing material that extends the life of any concrete structure. Weathercoat 571 Crystalline Waterproofing material doesn’t need to be hydrated because it crystallizes very quickly. It remains dormant in the substrate but will reactivate when water is present. Standard application of weathercoat 571 waterproofing coating requires 2 coats by brush,trowel or spray. Second coat is applied at 90 degree angle to the first coat. The thickness of weathercoat 571 should not exceed 1-2 mm. It is a perfect waterproofing material for areas with extreme weather conditions.

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